Expert Evidence
+ Court Appeals

As a leading planning consultancy, we provide professional, independent and specialist advice and have extensive experience in all aspects of planning.

Our Directors and Partners are experienced in giving expert planning for Court appeals, evidence and advice in a range of planning matters including housing and retail developments, land acquisition and Section 94 Contributions appeals. DFP staff have appeared as expert witnesses in hundreds of Court appeals over the past 30 years.

DFP acts for Local Councils and Government Authorities as well as private sector clients.

Our expert evidence and Court appeal planning services include:

  • Planning evidence on behalf of litigants
  • Expert planning witness for NSW Land and Environment Court appeals
  • Expert evidence for legal proceedings such as Supreme Court disputes, mediation and conciliation conferences
  • Expert evidence for Land Resumption and Compensation Court proceedings
  • Statements of Evidence for Section 94 Contribution appeals
  • Expert evidence for retail and economic impact assessment of a development
  • Highest and best use reports for land valuations
  • Planning advice for compulsory land acquisitions by Local Councils and State Government authorities