Local + State
Government Services

DFP has years of experience in delivering planning services to government. Our professional staff draw from a depth of experience in Local and State Government, as well as the private sector. In particular, the majority of our professional staff have extensive experience working in Local Councils and understand the demands and challenges of local government planning.

DFP has undertaken numerous projects for Local and State Government in NSW, including strategic planning and urban design studies, preparation of Local Environmental Plans, Planning Proposals (rezonings), Development Control Plans and Section 94 Contributions Plans. We have also prepared development applications on behalf of Councils, undertaken independent assessments of Planning Proposals (rezonings), development applications and provided expert planning evidence in the NSW Land and Environment Court.

In recent years DFP has expanded our skills beyond traditional planning to include urban design, retail and economic impact assessment and development feasibility analysis of planning controls.

DFP has also been building on its internal urban design expertise and collaborating with industry leaders to utilise 3D modelling technology for built form and urban design studies for a number of local councils. We work collaboratively with other specialist consultants to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology and industry changes.

Our Local and State Government services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Urban Design and Master Planning
  • Preparation of LEPs and DCPs
  • Local Environmental Studies
  • Infrastructure and Section 94 Contribution Plans
  • Expert Evidence for DAs, Section 94 Contribution Plan and Compulsory Land Acquisition Appeals in the NSW Land and Environment Court
  • Independent Assessments of DAs and Planning Proposals (rezonings)
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Development Feasibility Analysis