DFP has substantial experience in strategic planning. We have a strong appreciation for translating visions into tangible, robust planning frameworks. We understand strategic planning is an iterative process that relies upon the contributions of many as there are several layers and elements that influence the making of a place.

Our planning, urban design, environmental and economic skill sets means that we can deliver a holistic and feasible strategic planning concept. DFP believes a central tenant to developing and achieving consensus for any planning solution is collaboration.

Our experience includes writing Local Environmental Plans (LEPs), Development Control Plans and Policies, Planning Proposals (rezonings), preparing and reviewing structure plans, Master Plans, community consultation, project management, local environmental studies, due diligence, feasibility studies and Section 94 Contribution Plans.

In undertaking any of these strategic planning activities, either on behalf of the public or private sector, DFP’s experienced team recognises that each project is unique and requires its own distinctive approach to achieve the best outcome.