Hugh Rigney

Hugh joined DFP in December 2016 after completing a Bachelor of Planning at Macquarie University. He has a sound understanding of planning controls and their applications in a range of development contexts.  Hugh is a Member of the Planning Institute of Australia.

Hugh works closely with the senior planning consultants at DFP and has a good understanding of planning controls, strategic and land use planning policy and has excellent skills in critical analytics.

Since joining DFP, Hugh has worked on a range projects and has been responsible for the preparation of planning reports including Statements of Environmental Effects, Modification Applications, Planning Due Diligence Advice, Review of Environmental Factors, and Exempt and Complying Development Advice. Hugh has gained experience in various development fields including commercial, educational, industrial, and residential developments.

Hugh has a sound understanding of the development application process and has a good working knowledge of the NSW planning system, the EP&A Act and other related legislation. He also has experience in Social Impact and CPTED Assessment where he has demonstrated statistical, critical analysis and research skills.