Stephen Earp

Stephen Earp has 6 years experience working as a town planner in private consultancy and has a wide range of experience in statutory and strategic planning projects.

Stephen joined DFP as a planning consultant in 2010. His skills include the preparation and assessment of development applications, modification applications, planning feasibility reports, statements of environmental effects, complying development assessment reports and reviews of environmental factors.

Stephen has an extensive experience within a diverse range of fields of development, including residential, industrial and commercial, but most prominently with educational and place of public worship developments. Stephen is experienced in the application of the provisions of the Infrastructure SEPP to educational development (including CDC and REF assessments), and has a keen understanding of place of public worship development having worked closely with multiple denominational and non-denominational churches across the Sydney and Central Coast regions.

Steven holds a Bachelor of Planning (Hons.) from the University of Western Sydney and is a Member of the Planning Institute of Australia.