Liverpool Rural Lands Study

  • Sector: Strategic Planning
  • Project: Land Rezoning
  • DFP Services: Land Use Planning, Strategic Planning, Development Controls

DFP was engaged by Liverpool City Council to prepare a land study to inform the rezoning of the area as part of the South West Growth Centre. Almost two thirds of Liverpool’s rural lands are earmarked for urban development as part of the South West Growth Centre.

DFP engaged Agribiz Pty Ltd to study agricultural production and Bewsher Consulting to prepare a flood map which DFP utilised to consider the appropriate land use zonings to form part of the ‘standard template’ Liverpool Local Environmental Plan.

DFP assessed a range of land use constraints and opportunities to determine not only the appropriate land use zones but also the minimum lot sizes and appropriate land uses. The land uses issues include:

  • Extractive Industries
  • Liverpool Council’s Biodiversity Strategy
  • Tourism opportunities
  • Agricultural production
  • Availability of services such as sewer and areas reticulated water
  • Potential growth of the rural villages
  • ANEF contours for Badgerys Creek Airport
  • Existing viable agricultural industries and necessary buffers to rural/residential land
  • Availability of a range of lot sizes to cater for a variety of rural uses and potential rural residential