Retail +
Economic Planning

Since 2008, DFP has been providing retail and economic planning services to clients in NSW and the ACT. These services include specialised advice and analysis in relation to a range of retail, commercial, industrial, and employment issues.

Our retail and economic planning services provide synergies with our urban planning services. Our planning expertise combined with our retail and economic planning skills allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive and workable solutions that balance economic, development feasibility and environmental planning needs of projects.

Our retail and economic assessment services include:

  • Preparation of Economic Impact Assessments for a variety of retail and commercial projects
  • Preparation of retail strategies
  • Peer review of economic impact assessments
  • Presentation of expert witness evidence in the NSW Land and Environment Court in relation to retail and economic planning matters
  • Preparation of submissions on behalf of clients
  • Capability assessments
  • Development feasibility advice