Morling College Student Housing

  • Sector: Education, Housing
  • Architect: Stanton Dahl
  • Client: Morling College
  • DFP Services: Planning advice, Statement of Environmental Effects, Council negotiation

Morling College is a Baptist College that has been providing theological education on its site as Macquarie Park for the past 50 years. The College is located on Herring Road at Macquarie Park, adjoining Macquarie University and is approximately 350m from the Macquarie University railway station.

Morling College engaged Stanton Dahl Architects to design a new multi storey/multi purpose building to provide new accommodation for students. DFP provided preliminary Town Planning advice in relation to building design, planning controls and site constraints and opportunities. Site constraints included an endangered ecological community (Sydney Ironbark-Turpentine Forest), flooding and a riparian corridor associated with Kikkiya Creek.

The new 7 storey building provides for a mix of uses on the ground floor including a café, multi purpose rooms, offices, a large student common room, student amenities and landscaped outdoor spaces. Student accommodation (100 beds) will be provided on Levels 2-7 with communal/lounge areas on each level.

The development was subject to preliminary assessment by the Design Review Panel of Ryde Council and was a collaborative team effort between the client, Stanton Dahl Architects and DFP.


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