Port Macquarie LEP Development Feasibility

  • Sector: Retail and Economic Planning
  • Project: Development Feasibility Assessment
  • Client: Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
  • DFP Services: Development Feasibility testing, Strategic Planning

DFP was commissioned by Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to test the development feasibility of planning controls in the Port Macquarie-Hastings LEP.  Council was concerned over a lack of new building works occurring on the fringe of the Port Macquarie Town Centre.

A variety of development options for selected sites in the study area were compared based on current controls and alternative controls, including an increase in height and floorspace ratio, in order to test development feasibility.

The study concluded that a combination of variables including overpriced development sites, development costs, restricted sales prices and developer contributions are impacting on the profitability of new development proposals.

Notwithstanding, it was considered that a variation to the development controls which allows for a sustainable increase in development yield and which is justifiable from an urban design perspective, will have a positive impact in terms of stimulating development once there is an upturn in the housing market.